Stand Up  

Dear Saints,

As you know I am a pastor and evangelist, not a politician or political activist.  Glory to God!  However, we have all been called to be a witness and to present our testimony to all people and all nations.  I also believe it is our duty to be the salt, light and voice to our generation.

I am often asked about issues were facing today and where should we stand regarding them.  I am also directly asked what my beliefs and opinions are concerning what's going on in our world today.  I'm happy to tell all my major belief.  My only disclosure is that it's rather boring, as I look to what God has to say and mirror Him. 

First, let me share my heart with you and some of my influences.  Obviously my all time hero is Jesus Christ, followed by the Disciples of Jesus.  My more recent influencers are Martin Luther and Reverend Martin Luther King for their stance.  They were persecuted for their stand.  They were banished or killed for their stand.  There stand was the love for Jesus, God's Word and People. Likewise, let's follow their example.  It's time to make our voice be heard.  The gospel says to preach from the rooftops, to be the light on a hill.  My beliefs are: 

I believe in Jesus Christ is the only way, truth and the light. 

I believe in the Holy Bible, Word of God and Word of faith. 

I believe in the life, death, resurrection and eternal life in Christ Jesus. 

I believe in healing, miracles and the Gifts are for today. 

I believe speaking in tongues is the primary evidence of receiving the Baptism of Holy Spirit and Fire promised by God, given to us by Jesus Christ. 

I believe Christians should be the light, salt and the voice of righteousness in ministry, but more importantly secularly throughout educational, entertainment, economics, industrial, scientific, commercial, legal, political and judicial positions throughout our world.  

I do NOT believe or stand for any kind of our constitutional freedom to speak hate or participate in any form of bigotry, racism, division, lying, elitism, prejudice, profiling, politics, abortion, infanticide (lawful abortion of full term babies), inequality (regarding position and wages), LGBTQIA, same sex marriage, pornography, legal prostitution, divorce, socialism, religion, new age, illicit drugs or fornication.

Many have asked me how I feel about guns.  Well, let me answer the question.  I believe in background checks, education, testing, licensing and registration PRIOR to owning guns (similar to our driving laws).  Godly wisdom.

It's time for pastors to be relevant, stand up and be a voice.  I hope I have brought inspiration, exhortation and encouragement to you to step out and let your world know what Christians stand for, and make your light shine to all men.  Arise sleeper.  Let our voice be fixed upon Jesus in unity, repentance and prayer ushering revival!!!  

"Arise, shine; 
For your light has come! 
And the glory of the Lord is risen upon you. 
For behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, 
And deep darkness the people; 
But the Lord will arise over you, 
And His glory will be seen upon you. 
The Gentiles shall come to your light, 
And kings to the brightness of your rising"  Isaiah 60:1-3

Who else will arise and shine?  Who will be Jesus' voice for our present generation?  Let's not allow the voice of evil to drown out the good news gospel of faith, hope and love.  When evil speaks up, we the righteous must stand up against evil by communicating God's plan to others with grace, diligence and determination.

It's time to arise, shine, for your light has come.

Love you and God richly bless you,

Pastor Terry


Finishing Strong, Starting Strong 



Dear Saints,

We are about to end this year, and begin a whole new year in a few days!  All athletes will tell you that the start and finish are the most important segment of any race.  A strong start and finish give you a competitive edge.   In contrast, a poor start means you have a lot of catching up to do, and a poor finish can compromise any hope for victory.   Like it or not, we are all in a fight of faith, and it is my mission to encourage you to finish and start strong as a champion. 

Saint Paul tells us in 2 Tim 4:7-8, "I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. Now there is in store for me the crown of righteousness..."  We are so encouraged by Paul's message!  That our life of faith has a beginning, a finish and at the end a crown.   That we are not spectators but participants.  That we are planned, purposed and doers ultimately fulfilling God's will through our lives.

Enclosed are a few suggestions for you to finish strong.  As a competitive swimmer, I learned some tactics I still apply today... Look Ahead; Give It All You Got; Hold Nothing Back and Press/Stretch Foward.  My suggestions on starting strong are:  Make a Goal; Daily Practice Your Goal; Burst Out; Press Forward; Pace Yourself; Stay Determined and Don't Give Up.  The rewards of applying these tactics have given me many opportunities, testimonies and victories.  

Some of you need to simply engage and become a doer of faith, and others simply need to keep going and don't give up.  Either way, we are all in a race, so let's be unified to remain in the "good fight of faith" to obtain a crown.  Let's continue to meet weekly and encourage each other.  By finishing strong, we and the body of Christ wins.  By starting strong, we are off to a good start with better prospects of winning. 

Let us engage this New Year especially in faithful prayer.  Jesus was a prayer warrior, entered the fight and kept the fight of faith to the very end.  Let's be Jesus like, and obtain the crown of righteousness.  I pray your finish is so strong, it propels you into a compelling lead into your New Year.  Remember, you are destined to Reign.  God is for us, Advantage you!    

Happy New Year!

Pastor Terry




What Else We Can Do When Nothing Else Is Happening 

Dear Saints,

Pray you're having an amazing week!  I want to bless you with an amazing testimony of God's goodness.

I know many people need a breakthrough, a miracle breakthrough.  You have been praying, believing, waiting, hoping, trusting, dreaming, travailing and prevailing.  You've done all you know what to do, waiting and still believing your prayer will manifest.  Days turn into months, months into years.  Still, you wait for the prophetic desire to come to pass.  Nothing...  What is a saint to do?

I've been there.  I relate.  Trust me, I know it's difficult.  The only advice I can give you is something radically supernatural.  I have heard of this spiritual supernatural remedy for years but never acted on it.  I would not give God's scripture an opportunity to be tested.  In the meantime, I did nothing and the results were nothing happened.  Nothing happened until I got sick and tired of being sick and tired of nothing happening!

The remedy... sow a seed to God.  I tried it once and it worked.  Scripture tells us "We reap what we sow", "If we sow sparingly, we reap sparingly".  Well, to be honest, I have sowed nothing into my need, so I reaped nothing and my need never manifested.  Being sick and tired of being sick and tired, I did something about His word and tested His word.    

I turned to God's promises.  First, knowing God is the source (Phil 4:19).  Second, the power of giving (Luke 6:38; Mt 6:33).  Third, to have faith expecting a Miracle (Mt 21:22).  So I I activated my faith and sowed seed in the form of money.  I sowed intentionally and expectingly.

Yes!  I sowed a seed of 50 dollars in faith believing that in 50 days I would have my manifested breakthrough. I then grabbed my wall calendar, counted 50 days in advance from the day and circled that day to come.  Amazingly, 50 days to the date of sowing a 50 dollar seed, my miracle breakthrough manifested!!!  Praise Jesus!

God requires us to believe and obey.  I obeyed God's word with a financial seed and yielded good fruit.  I have only done this once, but ready to do it again to experience the glory of God.  If God tells me to do again, I would.  Time after time after time, I will trust in the Lord always.  Honestly, I'm happy to give to God, but not too happy when giving to man.  I have experienced giving to God is a good investment and He makes me cheerful. 

Give seed to God in faith when Holy Spirit tells you to.  What do you have to lose if nothing else is happening?  You just may experience a miracle...  Do nothing and nothing will happen.  The choice is ours?  Trusting God or not trusting God.  In every area of my life, I desire my heart to be right with God, even my attitude of giving.  Don't you?

"For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also" Matthew 6:21 (Jesus)

Jesus richly abundantly bless you,

Pastor Terry


Give Like God 

Dear Saints,

Consider the HEART of Father God, to GIVE His Son's life in John 3:16.  I'm a good father and in no way would I GIVE my son for another, least to sinners.  Only God could GIVE so extravagantly!  God GIVES His son Jesus, and like His Father, Jesus GIVES His life for us so that we would be saved!!!

Throughout scripture, God gives, gives and gives again.  Rarely do we see God receiving.  His only requirement is to have faith in His Son, His Word and His Ways.  God tells us to give for our benefit, to remain in His likeness.  Scripture tells us we are created in God's image, we are a new creation, we have the mind of Christ and God's children.  Because of our likeness with our Father, we also have His heart to give to God through our service and in our offerings.  When we are giving, God is receiving.  Glory to God!  

God is a cheerful giver and desires us to be a cheerful giver just like Him.  Since being Born Again, my favourite day of the week is Sunday.  Why?  So I can come to church with my brothers and sisters, to worship Jesus in Spirit and Truth, and give my offering to God!  Even when I held a secular job, I was so thankful to have a job and receive a paycheck knowing that 10% was going to Him.  I would cheerfully come to church with my pre-written out check (gift offering) to present to my Lord Jesus Christ. 

In the Spirit, I would feel loved, holy and valued when I would present my gift to Jesus.  I would sense Jesus watching me like He noticed the widow give her mite (all she had) in the temple offering.  Giving to God has always been a holy and anointed moment in my life.  And after the gift is offered, I have full assurance my seed is in His hands, trusting I made a wise investment and bringing a smile to Jesus' face.  Final note, in all my year of tithing my job, position, finances have been protected, and I have only experienced harvests of abundance, promotion and fruitfulness.  

It is my desire that you will experience the same in your life, and we altogether know what prosperity, freedom and abundant living really is like.  It's my desire that we as His body are delivered from spirits of error, mammon, greed, fear, rebellion, unbelief and poverty.  It is my prayer we all live life more abundantly (John 10:10) in every area of our life, including our finances.    

Our Mission is Love God, Share Jesus and Love others to Life.  My personal mission is love, love to serve and love to give just like Jesus. Experience the miracle of giving for yourself!  It begins like everything else... faith. 

LOVE you in Christ Jesus!

Pastor Terry    

Maranatha, Come Lord Jesus, Part II 

Dear Saints,

Welcome to the second part of "Maranatha, Come Lord Jesus" Series. Pastor has ended the end times, Maranatha, Come Lord Jesus" Series.  It is my pleasure to share with you what will happen during the 7 year period of the Tribulation as described in Revelation 4 through 19.  Our goal is to know and prepare ourselves before Jesus' 2nd coming, as we are the bride of Christ and He is coming for His bride (Rev 19:6-9). 

Proceeding the 7 year Tribulation period, these things will occur: 

1.  We the church.believers will be raptured.  2.  We will receive a new glorified (eternal) body.  3.  We will each stand individually before Jesus at "Judgement Seat of Christ".  4.  We will be awarded for our good works (linens, crowns, etc).  5.  We will experience the "Marriage of the Lamb" with Jesus.

At the end of the 7 year Tribulation period, these things events will occur: 

Jesus 2nd coming, Jesus returns with saints (us) and He Himself defeats armies against Israel and God. 
Anti-Christ, False Prophet are cast into the Lake of Fire – Rev 19:20 
Satan bound for 1000 years – Rev 20:1-2 
Old and New Testament Saints Resurrected to life – Rev 20:4 
Jesus’ Government Established 
Saints Reign with Jesus on earth 
Saints experience “marriage supper of the lamb” 

Surviving Unbelievers are separated from Believers (a.k.a  “Judgment of the nations”, “Sheep & Goats” – Mt 25)
Unbelievers are individually judged by Jesus at “Great white seat of judgement”  
Tribulation believers & Jews will marry, raise families, experience peace, and live and die
Surviving Jews will attend the new temple 

Shortly after the 7 Year Tribulation period, the Millennial (1000 years) Reign begins and these things occur:

Millennial (1000 year) Reign begins!  Life on earth will be perfectly run under the authority of Jesus Christ as King of Kings exclusively.  We His saints will be with Jesus ruling and reigning with Him the nations in our new glorified bodies holding various positions according to our earthly works.

After 1000 years, Satan will be released and deceive many.  Satan and unbelievers will be forever bound and cast into the lake of fire.  Jesus will establish a New Heaven and New Earth, the old earth will pass away, all things will become new.  Jesus will create a New Jerusalem and we will live in His New Heaven for all Eternity in unimaginable happiness, worship and love  (Rev 19 through Rev 22). 

These are the bullet points of God's righteousness for our eternal reign with Jesus.  It's important for us to know so we can share with others the seriousness of prophetic times to come, and for us to be prepared for His second coming. 

So let us live our lives as the Bride of Christ awaiting our Husband Jesus', prepared, whole and holy expecting our glorious eternal life with Jesus.   Let us say boldly and confidently, "Maranatha, Come Lord Jesus". 

Jesus loves you!  We love you!

Pastor Terry Hilgen


Maranatha, Come Lord Jesus, Part I 

Dear Saints,

Maranatha!!!  May the Lord richly and abundantly bless you today!  I'm so honoured once again to recap what I have been teaching you for your welfare. My mission is to prepare you for your future with Jesus and bring more joy to your life daily.  

Maranatha in Aramaic means "Our Lord, come" or "Come, Lord Jesus". What would your life be like if you said, meant and desired "Maranatha" throughout your day?  "Maranatha" towards your challenge, conflict, heaviness or sickness.  How would inviting "Maranatha" into our life situations change the outcome?

Many times we do not invite "Maranatha" into our daily struggles.  We go through them ourselves and exhaust all our effort then call out the name of the Lord.  This is good, but not great.  Greatness is proactively calling out "Maranatha" before the trial and storm, even in our time of peace, faithfully.  Jesus to come changing our lives and situation with His very person and presence.  

Do you remember as a child playing the game Hide and Go Seek?  We counted to ten and said, "Ready or not, here I come".  Our bible says Jesus IS coming, ready or not.  Jesus is coming for His bride (Christians, His church, you) and fulfilling "Maranatha" in His coming.  Jesus has come once to teach us His Kingdom, to shed His blood for our sins and to await His coming. 

Jesus will "Maranatha" again in our lifetime or our children's lifetime.  It is our mission to prepare, be ready and anticipate His return while we continue to live our lives and fulfil our calling.  The Bible tells us Jesus will come on a day or hour we do not know.  He is coming for His Bride (you) meeting you in the air in your new glorified body.  We call this the Rapture.  Rapture means to be snatched up or snatched out of.  We will be snatched by Jesus coming in the clouds and meet Him in the air. 

"Maranatha" occurs to save you from the 7-year tribulation recorded in Daniel 9 and Revelation that must come upon the earth but not upon you!  Once Jesus takes us to heaven, the bible tells us we will be before Him to be judged by our works while on earth.  Jesus will then award us with robes and crowns for our good works.  We will experience the Marriage of the Lamb, face to face time and reunions with our loved ones in heaven.  Glory!!! 

At the end of the seven year tribulation period, Jesus will "Maranatha" again!  Revelation 19 tells us we will follow Jesus mounted on white horses and return to earth in our glorified bodies to experience Jesus' Second Coming!!!  Jesus will destroy all evil with a single word, Satan, False Prophet, False Teacher and Demons will be bound for 1000 years!  We will rule and reign with Jesus in total bliss during this 1000 years on earth.  More to come on the 1000 year Millennial Kingdom in the next few weeks.

Excited???  You should be as I am!  Saints live the "Maranatha" lifestyle and tell others about "Maranatha".  It's not right to keep this biblical truth from people who do not know, and if they resist Jesus, will eventually go through the most terrible 7 years of all humanity. I don't want that and neither do you.  So let's lead souls to Christ and spare them from the tribulation to come.  It's a time to move souls to Jesus so He can do what He desires to do... snatch His church up into His loving arms and into His Kingdom.

Maranatha, Come Lord Jesus!!! 

Love always,

Pastor Terry Hilgen




Dear Saints,

I'm excited to change your life forever!  I am about to share with you how I have cast out hundreds of demons, healed multitudes, experienced incredible personal breakthroughs and answered prayers.  Not bragging, all glory goes to King Jesus!  It is my pleasure to share with you the keys for your own testimonies.   

Jesus showed us the way, and His disciples followed His instruction.  The way is to simply BIND & LOOSEN.  BIND the Strong Man (demonic spirit) & LOOSEN the Spirit of God (fruit of the Spirit) (replace Strongman).

Jesus said, "Or else how can one enter into a strong man's house, and spoil his goods, except he first bind the strong man?  And then he will spoil his house" Matthew 12:29; Mark 3:27.

Real life testimony on how to do this is Jesus with the lunatic son.  Jesus did not say, "spirit of lunatic come out".  Jesus actually said, "Dumb and Deaf spirit (Strong man). Come out".  The Dumb & Deaf spirit came out and the spirit of Healing was loosened into the son and he was healed!  

The issue with us Christians and the church is not using our authority & we wrestle with flesh.  God tells us to not to wrestle with the flesh, but handle every situation in the spirit!  For example, when our children are disobedient, we must not handle it in the flesh but handle correction in the spirit.  Bind the strong man of Jealousy and loosen the spirit of love!  Only then will see the miracle power of God's word, glorify Jesus and give you peace of mind.

Another problem with Christians and the church is binding and loosing in error.  We must know the symptoms, then go after the associated Strong Man.  Likewise, we must identify and loosen the correct Spirit of God to replace the strong man.  

The bible has 16 biblical identified Strong Man.  I have made a list for you at church last Sunday of the 16 biblical Strong Man and the Spirits of God to loosen.  You can receive this list by attending Reign this Sunday and inquiring to me for a copy.  You want a breakthrough, get the list.  

Jesus said in Luke 9:1 that we believers will cast out demons and heal the sick.  We can do this to others and to ourselves!  I have many personal testimonies of others and myself!  I probably needed it the most.  Others have appreciated my behavioural change to Christ-likeness as an account to my faith and dedication.    

Jesus says to resist (oppose) the devil and he will flee.  Let's resist God's enemy by engagement in the spirit and not in the flesh.  One last point, PLEASE practice on yourself before pointing out other peoples demons.  Once your practice is fruitful, then and only then apply to others in grace, mercy and love. 

Super excited to hear your testimonies of victory!  

Sincerely yours in equipping the saints of Christ,

Pastor Terry Hilgen


Ref:  Matthew 12:29, Mark 3:27, Luke 91, Luke 10:19, 1 John 4:4, Mark 16:15-18 


Dear Saints, 

Throughout the bible thankfulness occurred immediately after moves of God. It's easy to rejoice and be thankful when things go right, but what about being thankful when nothing good is happening.  Not everyone sees things the same way.  Many people are just not happy for whatever reason, and some just are never satisfied.  I want to share with you this week some benefits to having a thankful heart and attitude of gratitude.

Firstly, Jesus modeled thankfulness in all appropriate situations and even difficult situations.  His attitude of gratitude was imparted unto the Apostles whereby Jesus and the Apostles encourage us to thank God in every good situation as well as in trials, persecution and tribulations.  

Secondly, thankfulness is pleasing to God and good for our soul.  Life is difficult and can give us a lot of heartbreak, but thankfulness breaks the power and agreement of darkness, oppression and depression.  Thankfulness is a constant reminder to us and others that God is alive, in control and we trust Him.

Thirdly, thankfulness can be an action of prophetic faith.  Let me explain.  We are normally thankful as a reaction to God's blessing in our life, but we can also be thankful proactively!  When we are thankful before the blessing comes, we are operating in "prophetic faith" expecting God's favorable outcome is on the way!!!  Simply believe, be thankful and say, "God I praise you that you hear my prayer, you've met my need and you will be glorified".  

I can't tell you how often I received God's breakthrough by my prophetic faith that God has already answered my prayer by thanking Him before it manifests.  Faith pleases God, so our prophetic words of faith releases and moves God.  Even if the outcome is not what we thought or expected, your heart will become joyful because your putting your trust in God and believing His best for you.  

Thankfulness is a choice.  We choose to believe God is good and wants the best for us, so when we pray from the position of thankfulness were liken to God's heart.  No better place to be but like our God and happiness becomes our outcome.  Give thankfulness a try in every situation.  You may even like it and it may yield the breakthrough you've been praying for.  Give it a try, you may like it and be transformed in the process.

I trust you were blessed.  Give it a try.  Be thankful in every season and in everything knowing God is in control and were not.  More preaching on this subject this Sunday at REIGN.

Love you in Christ Jesus!

Pastor Terry Hilgen

REIGN Christian Fellowship




Dear Saints,

We all love parties and reasons to celebrate. 

According to God, repentance & salvation brings celebration in Heaven and joy to Father God's heart like nothing else!  Think about it.  Where in the bible did man's best, calling, purpose, works, sacrifice, offering, gifting, authority, ministry or even their faith brings a celebration!  Don't get me wrong, they are all to be pursued, but nothing touches the heart of God when we repent and receive His salvation daily.  

If repentance and salvation brings such great joy to all of heaven and to our God, then why do it so rarely?  I desire to please God and bring pleasure to Him, and I know you do as well.  So let's get the party going!!!  Let us draw near to God with a repentant heart and be saved by His wonderful grace and mercy.  Let us seek sinners as Jesus did, and led them to the Father with the opportunity to repent. Let us offer invitations.  

Nothing excited God more than the prodigal returning where He launched a party for His repentant son.  I think we should organize more parties for God and Heaven by leading others to Jesus.  It gives joy to God, joy in heaven and even joy to us and others.  Let us agree with heaven and Father's will to lead our soul and other's soul to turn back to Jesus. It benefits all of mankind when we repent, then salvation follows and it's party time!!!

More on this this Sunday! 

Jesus richly and abundantly bless you to over-flowing, in His mighty name.  

Pastor Terry Hilgen

Reign Christian Fellowship




Everlasting Love of God 

Dear Saints,

The Love of God is everlasting.  God's love was first demonstrated with preserving mankind with the flood.  God's love was then sealed with Noah in His covenant to all living things.  God said in His word, " Whenever the rainbow appears in the clouds, I will see it and remember the e-v-e-r-l-a-s-t-i-n-g covenant between God and all living creatures of every kind on the earth.”  Genesis 6:16.  This is the love of God!  Praise Him for His everlasting, unchanging and unconditional love of God!   

Man's love is so fickle, so conditional and so limited even at our best.  Our best intention giving love is oftentimes short lived, bias and selfish.  We love and the ones were giving love to often are not satisfied and unfulfilling.  Our best works of love can not compare to the love that comes from God.  Praise God His love is not our love.  Praise Jesus only His life satisfies.  Praise Holy Spirit only His love comforts and fulfills us.  Praise God He loves us with an everlasting love.  

At times we do not know how to love.  The best thing we can do is stop, soak and get marinated in His presence.  At times we do not real loved.  The best thing we can do is stop, soak and get marinated in His presence of worship.  At times we need God's love.  The best thing we can do is stop, soak and get marinated in His presence of truth. 

God Himself only satisfies.  Want to know love?  Spend time alone with the one and only who is love and love will get on you.  As children when we were taught how to cross the street.  Our parents taught us to stop, look and listen.  Sounds like sound advice for all of us today, stop, look and listen for God's everlasting covenant of love.  Once we receive His love, only then should we give the love of God to others. 

Our world is not looking for our fickle ever-changing love.  Our world is seeking God's love.  Let us not give man's love to one another, but God's everlasting love and kindness.  God's love only lasts and fulfills.  The answer is always Jesus.

Love you in Christ Jesus,

Pastor Terry