Jesus Saves!


Your Opportunity Right Now!

Who is Jesus?  Jesus is God and Savior (deliverer of sin).  The Bible prophets spoke about a Messiah (Jesus) 361 times and Jesus came to life hundreds of years later and literally fulfilled every prophesy spoken about Him!  Jesus conducted hundreds of Miracles in His three year ministry on earth.  Jesus was sinless and our perfect sacrifice for our sins and debt.  Jesus was man, but God.  He willingly went to the cross to die for our sins, and came back to life like He said He would three days later.  The bible says over 500 witnesses seen Jesus alive and resurrected from the dead!  Jesus ascended to Heaven where He is Lord of Lords, and King of Kings, interceding as our High Priest.  Jesus lives in the hearts of all believers! 

Why Jesus came?  Jesus came to earth as God to SAVE all of mankind back to Himself (John 3:16-17).  All we have to do is believe and follow Him!  Jesus will come back again to bring believers to heaven, to judge all haters or unbelievers of God and re-establish His Kingdom once and for all on earth.  Jesus will sentence Satan and his demons to Hell, along with all people who have rejected Him and have not made Jesus Lord and Savior over their lives. 

How to be Saved?  To be Saved you must believe with all your heart in Jesus Christ, confess your a sinner that needs Jesus' forgiveness, Repent and turn away from sin, and put your trust in Jesus alone for salvation. 

Then say this out loud as a prayer to Jesus, "Jesus, I receive you as my Lord and Savior.  I repent of my sins and turn away from sin.  I turn back to you God and made a personal decision to follow Jesus.  Father God, I receive your forgiveness and believe Jesus was raised from the dead. I receive Jesus Christ as my God.  Come into my heart Jesus.  Fill me with your Holy Spirit.  Write my name in the Lambs book of life.  Today I am saved, and following Jesus!"   Congratulations!!!  All of Heaven is rejoicing!!!

Next Steps:  1.  Read your bible daily (begin in New Testament with the book of Matthew and continue).  2.  Speak to Jesus daily in prayer.  3.  Attend a local Christian church weekly.  4.  Get Baptized.  5.  Join a small Christian group.


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