About Us

What Makes Us Different

We are a SPIRIT FILLED, SPIRIT LEDCHARISMATIC church.  We are known for going DEEPER, EXTENDED worship & lingering in GOD's Presence. We preach a POWERFUL & mature gospel that brings people closer to Jesus.   We PROPHESY God's will for His people, releasing truth, power & transformation to all who believe.   

We are probably best known for Prophesy, Healing & imparting the BAPTISM OF HOLY SPIRIT.   We experience HEALING & MIRACLES weekly & enjoy equipping the saints for ministry.  We won't limit or box in God.   

What People Are Saying


"Loving Pastors", "Powerful Worship", "Jesus is here!", "Life-changing message", "Awesome Children's Sunday School", "I have made great friends", " "Great for families". "Prophetic church", "God healed me", "I received the baptism of Holy Spirit and speak in tongues now", "Community outreach team wins souls", Learned so much", "Church knows how to pray", "Real", "Nothing is like Reign", "Feel so welcomed", "Everyone was so friendly"


Lead Pastors

Meet Our Pastors

Terry & Debbie Hilgen are the founders & Sr. Pastors of REIGN. They have been married for 26 years, enjoy raising their family, they reside in San Juan Capistrano & sold out for JESUS.  Pastors have served in ministry for over 22 years serving in church plants and various ministries.  After leading successful careers as executives & managing hundreds of people, Terry & Debbie now serve JESUS full time fulfilling His call.  

Pastor Terry carries a reformers & prophetic voice that seeks to turn hearts to JESUS, build the body of Christ & bring healing to His people.  He is called yearly to evangelize in crusades leading thousands to Jesus and enjoys participating in local evangelism.  By grace, Terry experienced a supernatural personal encounter with God in 1995, where alone with GOD for hours he became born again, delivered, anointed & called into ministry.  Pastor Debbie is an anointed teacher, and operates in the gift of discernment, wisdom and love.  


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