We are a Spirit-Filled church in Orange County CA, located in San Juan Capistrano.  We are non-denominational, Pentecostal, Spirit Led, Bible Based, Jesus Centered, Baptized in the Holy Spirit for power and ministry. 

Reign is lead by Pastor Terry & Debbie Hilgen. We know them for their love, gifting and sold out hearts for Jesus. They have left their executive positions to work in full-time ministry for Jesus.  Both Terry and Debbie have served in ministry for over 23 years in various leadership ministries.  Native to southern California, they have left everything behind to serve in the mission fields Mexico, Latin America and Orange County CA.  

Pastor Terry carries a reformer, prophetic & evangelistic voice to the nations, community & local church.  He's also called to evangelize in crusades and enjoys street evangelism.  By grace, he experienced a supernatural personal encounter with God in 1995, where alone with GOD for hours he became born again, delivered, anointed & called into ministry.  Pastor's wife is an anointed teacher and operates in the gift of discernment, wisdom, administration, hospitality and abundant love. 

REIGN is blessed to have Elders and Deacons help serve in our church.  Pastor Carmen is the Director of Healing Rooms.  Pastor Dana is the Director of Children's Ministry and Pastor Jay and Phanny serve in our Alter Prayer & Food Ministry.   

About Us

REIGN is a spirit-filled church in Orange County, located in San Juan Capistrano.  We are nondenominational, Holy Spirit led & Jesus-centered community church.  We operate in all the gifts of Holy Spirit and known by our love, service and community.  We see healing, miracles and accurate words of knowledge every time we meet.  Transformation occurs at our services.  We love to flow with the Holy Spirit's presence!  

Reign was birthed from city-wide community evangelism & living room prayer for revival in the home of Terry & Debbie Hilgen.  Today, they are the ordained founders & pastors of REIGN Christian Fellowship.  REIGN is a relationship-focused community seeking God's presence, God's word and love for one another.  REIGN has seen many healings and miracles of God as Holy Spirit flows with words of knowledge, salvations and lives transformed.

We are praying and serving our community believing in revival, a mighty move of God.  Till then we will continue to Love God, share Jesus and lead all people to Jesus.  We will love you to life!  Come join us in worshipping Jesus and be planted in a home church like Acts.  We desire to see you prosper with God!