REIGN is a Spirit-Filled church in Orange County CA. 

Spirit-Led, Spirit Powered, Bible Believing, Jesus Centered, Prayerful, Gifted, Disciple Makers.  God is Healing, Speaking & Moving every time we meet!  We love God's Presence!

OUR MISSON:  Love Jesus, Share Jesus, Love People to Life

OUR GOAL:  Make Disciples, Baptizing them with Holy Spirit for service & ministry

VISION:  Turn All People To Jesus 

To be a church first seeking a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, by spending intimate time with God through prayer, secret place and reading God's Word.  To be a church that affects our community and world through preaching the good news, prayer, wisdom and inspiration.  We believe the church is God's answer to our broken world.  

We are striving to fulfil the commission to go to our world praying and preaching the Gospel to all nations, helping others to be free from sin, addictions, bondage, abuse and suffering.  To care for widows and orphans and defend the unborn.  To feed the hungry, shelter the homeless and give hope to the helpless.  To restore people and families to fulfil their calling and purpose through mentoring and support, and to do so onto others.  Doing all things in love will fulfil the commission, mission and vision of Jesus Christ.  


Terry & Debbie Hilgen

Terry & Debbie Hilgen

REIGN is blessed to have a team of gifted and anointed lovers of God and people!   Our government is led by Jesus Christ, teaching of Holy Spirit and God's Word.  REIGN is blessed to have many gifted Deacons and Pastors filled with Holy Spirit to serve.  


Senior Pastors:  Terry & Debbie Hilgen

Jr. High & High School Pastors:  Terry & Debbie Hilgen

Children Pastor:  Dana Halverstadt

Helps Pastors:  Jay & Phanny McKarns

Overseer:  Mike Brantley