"So then, you will know them by their fruits" Matthew 7:20

"We are very blessed to have met you that night, the Lord restored my marriage through that prayer you made to us that night. We bless and honor them amen." Z

"Thank you Reign!!! Come and stay!  Pastor does not hold back.  He preaches with passion and conviction and power like no preacher I've met.  If you want to really grow in spirit and be used by God, Reign is the place!  Not for the lukewarm, but for the on fire for Jesus!  You will feel Holy Spirit like no other church when preaching happens.  I'm sure revival will one day start up here.  Not many pastors are not anointed or filled with Holy Spirit but this Pastor is the real deal.  People are real nice and they believe in miracles and healing big time, I've seen them!  Sad to be moving to AZ but now with Holy Spirit power"  David T. 

"I am a young adult who moved here needing a home. Reign was that Home, they discipled me (something most churches won't spend the time to do) and helped me find who I truly am in Christ. The year I spent at reign is the biggest year of growth and blessings I have ever had in my life. This is a wonderful, spiritual, not religious church where the Holy Spirit is allowed to move freely. With different programs from babies to young adults, bible study, healing rooms- this church has so much to offer. The most Important thing they have is the love, love without judgement, unconditional love. Thank you Reign for making me a powerful woman in Christ. I am ready to take on the world!"  Dana R.

"I used to be addicted.  Pastor Terry cast out a lot of my demons and I no longer drink or take drugs.  I trust him and God.  Powerful prayer warrior.  He baptised me and filled me with Holy Spirit.  I now have a prayer life and new job and everything is going well for me finally.  I owe everything to God touching me through this church.  If you have any issue at all, come see these pastors and you will be free!  Reign rocks!"  Chris S.

"Amazing people who care about who you are. Incredible pastors Terry and Debbie! When you meet them your life won't be the same anymore."  Andrew T.

"Pastors Terry and Debbie are wonderful shepherds. They love the people of God and most of all love God and His Spirit. My wife and I were at a place where we did not want anything to do with church and church leadership. Our trust for the church and its leadership had been abused and mistreated. Since visiting Reign, we have felt nothing but the love of God. No judgement, only love and openness. I had spent over 20 years in ministry before coming to Reign and gave up... Reign has helped me reconnect with God. I look forward to the times I am able to visit."  Annonymous 

"If you are tired of religion or tradition, Reign Christian Fellowship might be the church for you.  Come and experience what it is like to have a true relationship with God when you are baptized in the Holy Spirit and with fire and receive the spiritual gifts that God has for you. Pastors Terry and Debbie demonstrate the love of Jesus. You will experience the presence of the Holy Spirit and leave feeling spiritually refreshed."  Steve B.

"Reign Christian Fellowship is a Spirit filled church that believes that gifts of the Holy Spirit are available for all who believe. The Word is preached, the Gospel is proclaimed and I have personally seen many give their life and faith to Jesus Christ.  The christian fellowship is supportive and caring. In fact every Sunday after service they have volunteers that prepare an excellent lunch for everybody . It is a great time to get to know and fellowship with your brothers and sisters in Christ. Many times people stay for hours just talking and sharing about what God has done for them lately."  Edward Q.

"This is such a awesome church!! Pastor Terry and his wonderful wife Debbie are so loving and welcoming and have a huge heart for Jesus and worshiping in song and love and service! The church body are some of the nicest people I have ever met! They always have the best worship and powerful messages!! They also have a great bunch of worshipers that meet there once a month for a night of worship that is usually on the first Friday of the month! On that night they have open mic and worship time with wonderful local members of The Worship Musicians Association. Reign Christian Fellowship has a huge heart for the worship community and host worship concerts from some of the greatest worship artists around like Jake Hamilton and Michael Batista to name a couple! I highly recommend this loving bible teaching praising Jesus worship loving church to anyone looking for a church to attend!! Blessings people see you at Reign Christian Fellowship this weekend!!" Shannan A.