"I am a young adult who moved here needing a home. Reign was that Home, they discipled me (something most churches won't spend the time to do) and helped me find who I truly am in Christ. The year I spent at reign is the biggest year of growth and blessings I have ever had in my life. This is a wonderful, spiritual, not religious church where the Holy Spirit is allowed to move freely. With different programs from babies to young adults, bible study, healing rooms- this church has so much to offer. The most Important thing they have is the love, love without judgement, unconditional love. 
Thank you Reign for making me a powerful woman in Christ. I am ready to take on the world!"  Dana R.

"I used to be addicted.  Pastor Terry cast out a lot of my demons and I no longer drink or take drugs.  I trust him and God.  Powerful prayer warrior.  He baptised me and filled me with Holy Spirit.  I now have a prayer life and new job and everything is going well for me finally.  I owe everything to God touching me through this church.  If you have any issue at all, come see these pastors and you will be free!  Reign rocks!"  Chris S.

"Reign Christian Fellowship is a Spirit filled church that believes that gifts of the Holy Spirit are available for all who believe. The Word is preached, the Gospel is proclaimed and I have personally seen many give their life and faith to Jesus Christ.  The christian fellowship is supportive and caring. In fact every Sunday after service they have volunteers that prepare an excellent lunch for everybody . It is a great time to get to know and fellowship with your brothers and sisters in Christ. Many times people stay for hours just talking and sharing about what God has done for them lately."  Edward Q.

"Amazing Healing"

My Testimony: I wanted to thank Pastor Terry Hilgen for praying for me and my ailment on my visit this past August. I have been suffering from Psoriasis, and it had been worsening this past year becoming very visible. I wanted to give Thanks to the Lord for bringing me Reign Christian Fellowship that day with my family. My psoriasis patch on my elbow that was becoming larger and more visible on a daily basis, appears to have gone away. Thank God!! God Bless Reign Christian Fellowship, Pastor Terry, Pastor Debbie, and their Beautiful Family. Your Friend and Brother through Christ, 

"Thankful to God!"

Michael Mendosa

Hi Pastor Terry,

You gave me a Word from the Lord after attending one of Sister Ann Bandini's Christian Business classes a few months ago.

I shared with you that I was experiencing pains as if I was in labor. 
You told me, "9 months from now, you will be birthing something out for Gods Kingdom."
That evening, on my phone, I scrolled 9 months from our meeting date, I typed the words "delivery date." However, I lost my phone last month. However, little did I know my husband had also scrolled 9 months ahead and recorded it on his phone!!! So, March 2nd, my husband asked me, "what is "birthing date" it showed up on my phone?"
I told him, it is Pastor Terry's Prophetic Word that has came to pass!!

Pastor, March 1st, I just received confirmation to attend the Morris Cerrullo School of Evangelism which will eventually lead to ORDINATION!!!
I had no plans of attending this school when we met nor did I even know who Morris Cerrulo was and the mighty works that he has done through the power of God over the past 60 years until this past January!! My dear friend kept insisting that I attend his conference and I didn't know why the Lord was leading me to attend until the conf was over.

I attended his worldwide conference in January and heard Pastor Benny Hinn and Pastor Kenneth Copeland and other men and women of God deliver a mighty Word from the Lord. My life was transformed.

I just wanted to give you a praise report and to let you know that you gave me a "SURE Word" from the Lord.

May God continue to do great and mighty works in you and through your ministry and through Sister Ann Bandini's ministry.

God bless you,

Hale Pule


The Holy Spirit is allowed to flow without any restrictions. Everyone is made to feel welcome.


"Pastor called out a word of knowledge about someone's shoulder has been injured, but I did not respond.  Out of the crowd, he found me without saying a word.  He led me to the front alter and told me that God is healing me the second I raise my hands in worship.  Immediately I felt fire on my finger tips, that ran down to my shoulder.  Instantly the Lord healed me!  All pain left me and I could move my arm up and down in full motion which I could not before.  Miracle healing.  Three days later my arm is perfect to go back to work!"  Rod B.

"Really Strong prophetic church and pastor.  Pastor Terry prophesied to me and everything he said was right on.  I was in financial blockage and no successes at work.  The very next day I received three contracts totalling in the millions in revenue.  He hears from God and God is good!"  Annonymous 

"I am legally blind but can see with super thick prescription glasses.  My eyes are crossed as well.  Pastor prayed over me and I felt God touch my eyes.  My vision came back and I could see up close again.  Total Miracle!  My eyes were not crossed anymore for a whole day!  For three days I did not wear my glasses.  For some reason my eyes crossed again and I needed glasses again.  I'm not sure why, probably me, but God did this and Pastor and this church is powerful.  Also my eyes are still much better than they were before!  Thank you Jesus.  My faith is much stronger."  Anonymous 

"Pastor Terry touched my sore ankle and it was instantly healed by Jesus.  Powerful stuff here!  I started dancing back to my seat"  Theresa K.